What Makes The Good Cider so Good?

Hard Cider, an Alternative to Beer

Hard cider is a great alternative to beer for a number of reasons! Aside from offering a unique a new tasting experience, there are also plenty of health benefits to Cider. Namely, that ciders, like The Good Cider, are gluten free. So people who have gluten sensitive or Celiac disease can enjoy a cider alongside their beer drinking friends! And many of the known health benefits of a glass every night of wine apply to ciders as well! Further, because The Good Cider has 4.5 alcohol by volume, it is a responsible drinking choice. These are just a few Good excuses to pop open a bottle of cider, but what sets The Good Cider apart from other Ciders?


The Good Cider is more than just Good.

The Good Cider is an imported cider from the beautiful basque region of Spain. While the cider trend is relatively new in the United States (you can read a brief history of cider in the U.S. here), the Spanish have always drank cider. In fact, the family that makes our cider has been doing so for three generations, since 1918! When you drink our cider, you’re tasting a long standing family tradition. And because the family takes so much pride in their product, The Good Cider is never made from concentrate. This is something of a rarity, as many domestic ciders, as well as many imported ciders, are made from concentrate. But not our cider! In fact, this family of cider producers have their own beautiful apple orchards from which they pick the freshest apples to make the cider. With each sip, you can taste the clean and crisp apple taste!


So next time you’re out shopping for cider, try The Good Cider!

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