Here’s to a Good New Year

Now that we’re a few days into 2017, all the messy parties have been cleaned, the hangovers have subsided, and regular work week resumes, let’s all agree to make this a Good New Year. Because last year was pretty gnarly. Of course some Good stuff happened last year, like The Good Cider coming to America! But let’s all look up and ahead, and make 2017 a Good year! Here at The Good Cider our New Year’s resolution is to do what we can to trump cynicism and pessimism, and spread Goodness instead. While watching the fireworks in our new home of San Francisco, we decided to do spread Goodness anywhere we can! In our office, out with friends, online, even in busy traffic if we can!

And we’re going to be spreading Goodness by using the hashtag #WhatsGoodinMyLife to share what we think is Good. Naturally, there are fewer things better than sharing The Good Cider with some of your Good friends. But if you’re taking the talk out for a walk and think, “Wow, that sure is a Good sunset!” And just have to share the moment, then do it! Use #WhatsGoodinMyLife and let us, and everyone else, know just how Good that sunset is!


We look forward to seeing the everyday Good moments you all stumble upon and share with us. We hope you have plenty of them, and we hope you have a Good New Year this 2017.

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