A Toast to Students, Tell Us How You Celebrate!

A toast to students everywhere

Two students, toasting

Two students, toasting the post finals life

Many of you have already finished, or are finishing up, your finals. And for that we’d like to toast you. It’s not easy, we get it. We’ve been there, too. But seriously, congrats. Between final tests and final papers, trying to pack everything up before a mandatory move out date, squeezing some last minute hang out time with friends, and having to deal with snowy flights, it does get pretty rough. Now that everything is all done, its time to relax. If you’re an international student studding across seas, or more local and just studding across town, we think a toast to students is in order. And because The Good Cider is an international cider, we think its import to toast to students everywhere!


So, tell using the hashtag #WhatsGoodinMyLife and let us what you’re toasting too. Happy to be home with your puppy dogs? Looking forward to seeing all your old friends? Or just excited to get a few home cooked meals? Let us know so that we can be sure to properly toast you! And be sure to check out how our student friends in Spain and across Europe are just as excited to be down with finals as our American friends!

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The Good Cider USA team

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