Mulled Cider – A Holiday Treat

Mulled Cider is perfect for the holidays

October is now over (and everyone is recovering from their Pumpkin-spice induced hangover) it’s time for Mulled Cider! Mulled cider, like Mulled wine and Wassail, is a popular European treat around the holidays. Mulled drinks are often sold alongside the Christmas markets, and shoppers love to hold the warm beverage in their hands as they go from booth to booth shopping for their friends and family.

Luckily you don’t have to go all the way to Europe to try a mulled drink! Mulled wine and cider is incredibly easy to make. Try using a European cider like The Good Cider, and you’re about as close to a traditional Mulled Cider as you can get!

Every family has a different recipe using different spices, but Matha Steward┬áhas a nice simple recipe. Follow her directions, using a non alcoholic cider to start, and once you’re done top off the warm drink with The Good Cider. This will release all those beautiful apple scents, and give your cider a great nose.

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