The Good Cider Launches in Texas

From Spain to Texas, The Good Cider now available at HEB.

We are so excited to announce that The Good Cider is now Texas! Right now you can get our cider exclusively at HEB. And fittingly, the wonderful grocer HEB has dubbed these next two weeks “Viva España,” in honor of all their delicious Spanish products, like The Good Cider!

If you’re in Texas, stop by one of their stores and partake in the fiesta! During Viva España, you can learn how to pair Spanish wines and cheeses, get everything you need to make Paella, and build the perfect charcuterie board. And you may be able to find us there chatting and sampling our delicious and refreshing cider!

The Good Cider is made in Spain, by a family of Spaniards who have been making cider since 1918. The cider is made using apples grown on the family’s own orchard. The care and craft that goes into growing each apple is tasted with every sip. With HEB being a family owned company, and The Good Cider coming from generations of traditional Basque cider makers, the partnership between the two is especially fruitful.

Pick up a case of The Good Cider at HEB today!

Pictures from Viva España!


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