Cider and Presidents and more

In honor of Presidents Day, a few factoids about Cider and Presidents, and more!

Its not taught in schools, but U.S. Presidents, much like their constituents, are often drinkers! So to celebrate Presidency’s Day and the three-day weekend, we’ve collected some fun facts! Some about Cider and Presidents, and some more general facts! Check them out!

Cider and Presidents

One of the United States more recent Presidents, Bill Clinton, often drank a Snakebite – a simple drink made up of equal parts hard cider and lager!

John Adams started every one of his mornings with apple juice, admittedly a hard apple juice, or hard cider. Adams believed it would led to good health. Adams might have been onto something here, as he lived to be 90 years old.

William Henery Harrison, Whig party member, ninth president of the U.S. and first to actively campaign, used the camping slogan, “the log cabin and hard cider candidate.” Harrison also gave away Cider while he was campaigning.

First president of the U.S. Washington, who’s birthday President’s Day honors, bought cider to celebrate his unanimous election by the electoral college.

Fellow founding father and third president of the new nation Thomas Jefferson also was an advocate of cider. Jefferson dedicated the whole south orchard of his Monticello estate to growing apples for cider! All the while boasting about the superiority of U.S. apples to European apples!


More General Facts

President Carter is responsible for overturning the date prohibition-era law that made it illegal to home brew. Perhaps more interestingly, President Carter’s brother was a beer promoter himself for a line of beer dubbed, “Billy’s Beer.”

Speaking of Prohibition, President Hoover allegedly had a phenomenal wine collection, all of which his wife dumped down the drain once the Alcohol Ban took affect! Yikes!

Teddy Roosevelt was a huge fan of the Mint Julep. Its hard not to help but to imagine this former president walking around with his infamous “big stick” in one hand, and Julep in the other.

JFK, the socialite that he was, drank new and trendy drinks, like the Bloody Mary and newly imported Heineken!

Also newly imported to the U.S. is The Good Cider, be sure to give it a try!


For more information on the subject, check out Mark Will-Weber’s book! Or read our older blog post on the history of Hard Cider in America!


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