The Good Cider is


From San Sebastian, Spain

Craft Made

Since 1918

Gluten Free

Made from the freshest apples

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Cider and Presidents and more

In honor of Presidents Day, a few factoids about Cider and Presidents, and more! Its not taught in schools, but U.S. Presidents, much like their constituents, are often drinkers! So to celebrate Presidency’s Day and the three-day weekend, we’ve collected some fun facts! Some about Cider and Presidents, and some…

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Super Bowl Sunday with The Good Cider

Since we’re new to the United States, we’ve never experienced a Super Bowl before. What is here called Football, or as we spell it, futbol, could not be more different than what we originally had in mind. Our futbol, what you call soccer, is actually played with the feet! The idea of…

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Looking to Carry The Good Cider?

Consumers Love The Good Cider At every tasting event we’ve attended, both here in the U.S. and abroad, consumers have loved The Good Cider! And in some cases drink our sweet cider dry! As we work to increase the availability of our cider to consumers, we would love your help.…

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Official site of The Good Cider USA

We’re what’s Good, The Good Cider USA.

Official site of The Good Cider USA. Imported from San Sebastian, Spain. An all natural, gluten free, craft made hard cider. Since 1918.

And in case you’re looking for our European site.

Family made, and has been for three generations. We use only the freshest apples, picking them from our own orchard. With each sip of our cider you can taste the flavor. This traditional Basque cider has proven to be incredibly popular in Spain. But now with innovative filtering and bottling techniques we are able to import the product to the Untied States. Consider it a bottled gift.

The Good Cider is Vegan Certified!